Home of the Future!

31 Citrus Lane, Enner Glynn

On point in so many ways 31 Citrus Lane is an ambitious build that combines luxurious comfort and modernism, with a uniqueness you will not find elsewhere. This National award-winning smart home with numerous functions accessible via your device is expertly designed with no expense spared. Be welcomed home as the security bollards recede, garage door suspends, and the lift awaits. The fully-integrated security system will alert you of any visitors and you retain the capability to grant them access even if you are globe-trotting.

Set over six mini levels explore the fusion of timbers, tiles and glass with sustainability and technology. This temperature-controlled home of the future is a perfect melody for the professional and socialite. The moody kitchen of Caesar-stone and metallic coal cabinetry with copper detailing and black fittings is also hub to the central control system. This house includes many features such as a corner gas hob with black tapering range-hood, wine fridge, pop-up outlet tower and a lift which eases the grocery delivery.

Comprehensive eco-friendly building practices have been strongly emphasized throughout. The house boasts clad in modified accoya timber which resists rot whist retaining its colour, and is strikingly contrasted with white plaster and black aluminium windows. The elevated section is artistically terraced with a 6-zone irrigation system to ensure adequate watering of plants. It also includes passive solar and beyond with an installed thermodynamic solar heating system, capable of turning snow into heat.

The captivating sea and mountains views are magnificently framed from various angles and design, their enormity levitating the senses while you absorb all that is on offer. You will be spoilt for choice between the two alfresco options; one offers an unobstructed view while the other offers shelter from wind and occupies a view through the copious windows. For a private viewing or further information about this amazing, once-of-a-lifetime home, please contact Glyn.

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